Best Friends Forever The Final Season

The fourth season marks the fourth and final season of the TV series, Best Friends Forever. It aired on Disney Channel from November 19, 2010 to April 15, 2011. 12 episodes were aired, making it the shortest season of the show. It was the only season of the show to be filmed in high definition. Justin Gaston (Bradley) replaces Jason Dolley (Chris) as the main character because of Dolley's depature of the show, who was filming another TV show. He appears in 3 episodes.

Title Original airdate Directed by Written by Prod. code Rating
1 89 "New School! Sweet School!" November 19, 2010 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
401 6.2
As they enter a new design high school, the students began trashing up the water fountain. Amy, Cassie and Zack signed up as hall janitors in order to keep the fountain clean. Meanwhile, Sasha's popularity gets out of control, the students goes after her causing her not to return to school for her senior year. Until now, she decides to disguse herself as a new girl in school
Absent: Justin Gaston as Bradley Johnson
Notes: Jason Dolley will no longer be a main character, due to filming Good Luck Charlie. Thus he will instead become a recurring. However, it was revealed that Amy said that Chris is away on tour.
2 90 "The Break-Up Plan" November 24, 2010 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
402 5.7
Within Chris returning from tour, Cassie and Zack discovers him holding hands with with a girl named Jessica, appearing that he met someone else while he was gone cheating on Amy. After finding out that Chris is dating, they did not told Amy about it for a week. Upset at them, Amy has not spoken to them. Cassie and Zack later called Chris to tell him by lying to him that Amy invited him to come to her house to watch a movie, which things became a disaster. Chris told a secret to Amy, and the two broke up for good and her friendship with Cassie and Zack has been restored. Meanwhile, Sasha and Nick
Guess star: Jason Dolley as Chris Taylor, Courtney Jines as Jennifer Dawson
Notes: This is Chris Taylor's first appearance in this episode, because of him rescheduling as recurring instead of main character, due to Jason Dolley, who played this character, filming another TV series.
Title References: The Back Plan, starring Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin
3 91 "The Sasha Sisters" December 10, 2010 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
403 5.8
Sasha plans for her two best friends Rebecca and Crystal to join with her as her bandmembers "The Sasha Sisters". Therefore, within Crystal's voice goes wrong, she tries to let her out of the band, but she can't because she'll hurt her friends' feelings. Following their success, they just record their first album and became a commercial success, making the girls the world's next popstars. Ever since splitting up from boyfriend Chris, Amy feels desperately depress where Cassie and Zack began to get stop thinking about him and find someone else, by taking her out to have fun, but turns out that every place she goes she and her Chris spend some time together, which makes it worst. Meanwhile, Amy decides that she is ready to move on and decides not to speak and see him again, removing her braclet that Chris gave her from episode "Taking Back My Love" after making a promise to not cheat on her again.
Notes: Keke Palmer, Shanica Knowles and Sahara Garey performs "Say My Name" originally by Destiny's Child.
4 92 "Sasha Goes On Talent" December 17, 2010 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
404 14.4
"The Sasha Sisters" are performing a concert at the S.S. Tiption. There Sasha loses her voice and is unable to sing, and the doctor refuses her not to talk for the next four hours, in order to get her voice back. The only thing is to keep the concert on is by cheating. Although, Sasha decides to ask her fans that the concert has been cancelled. Later, Sasha has found out that she has gotten her voice back and decides to resume the concert. Meanwhile, Zack, Nick and Bradley are hunting a mouse running around the house.
Guess star: Dylan and Cole Sprouse as Zack and Cody Martin, Brenda Song as London Tiption, Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett and Phil Lewis as Mr. Moseby
Notes: This episode is part of a crossover Sonny on Deck with Best Friends Forever along with Sonny With a Chance and The Suite Life on Deck, marking it the third and final of the trilogy. Also, the characters from Sonny With a Chance will not appear. The cast only appear in the first and second part of the crossover episode. This is the fourth crossover episode since "That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana", "Wish Gone Amiss Weekend" and "Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana", and Best Friends Forever's first episode to have a crossover episode. This is Alyson Stoner's fifth time working with the Spouse twins. In The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Stoner plays Max, but in her own TV series, Best Friends Forever, she plays Amy Montana until The Suite Life on Deck, a spin-off/sequel to the original TV series. Also, several of the characters are absent throughout the trilogy. Even though, all of the characters appeared in the second part, characters from Best Friends Forever are absent in first part, while characters from Sonny with A Chance are absent in the third part. Only the characters from The Suite Life on Deck that appears in all three parts. With 14 million views, this is the highest rating crossover of Disney Channel to date surprising Wizards on Deck with Hannah Montana feature with characters from Wizards of Waverly Place, The Suite Life on Deck and Hannah Montana. The episode was released on DVD on July 24, 2012 alongside with other episodes this season, not including the first two parts of the crossover. The opening sequences was reshoot to the show itself besides the crossover to be officially apart of Best Friends Forever, not the crossover.
Songs: "We Are Survivors", rewrriten of "I'm A Survivor" by Destiny's Child
5 93 "How To Get Them Back Together" January 14, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
405 5.7
As senior prom is approaching, Sasha and Nick are a couple, while Zack and Cassie are also a couple. But Amy struggles to find a date. Before asking Bradley out, but when Maria had a broke up from Adam, she asks him out and asked to be his date for prom and accepts it. She tries to make them broke up up so she can let Bradley as her date to prom. As she could never find a date, she decides not go because she doesn't want to feel lonley. Meanwhile, Adam is also dateless at prom. Until now, Amy arrived in prom where Bradley feel in love with her, as Maria and Adam got back together. The two started dancing, and share a kiss, meaning that the two are developing a romantic relationship.
Guess Star: Taylor Lautner as Adam Brown, Justin Gaston as Bradley Johnson and Mitchel Musso as Duncan Harris
Special Guess Appearance: Taylor Swift as Herself
Notes: Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift used to date with each other, but the both split up. Also, Mitchel Musso reprised his role where he since first appeared from theatrical film adaptation, Best Friends Forever: The Movie, which premiered four months ago. Taylor Swift apperas in a scene where she is performing a song in a scene where the students are attending prom.
6 94 "Whatever Happen To Our Friendship" January 21, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
406 6.1
Amy and Bradley are now a couple. But she and Cassie got into a huge argument because Amy spends time too much with Bradley instead of Cassie, realizing that their friendship may come to an end forever if they no longer care about their friendship. Until now, Adam begin to take care of Amy and accidentally fell in love with her, feeling that she's losing Bradley as her boyfriend. At the end, they begin to feel upset, and crying, because both of them don't want to lose each other, because they're best friends, so they stopped arguing, and spend time with each other, within Amy's new boyfriend spend time with them.
Guess Star: Taylor Lautner as Adam Black
7 95 "Can't Change This" January 28, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
407 4.2
Zack has a failing report card. As the strongest football team member, he decided to quit to force on getting up with his grades. But he went too far as he changes his personality from preppy looking to dorky looking. Nick is force to workout with Adam, where he's seen getting injured and cramps.
Guess Star: Taylor Lautner as Adam Brown
8 96 "Who is Sasha?" February 18, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
408-409 8.1
After Sasha makes fun of Lucas Cruikshank, he cancel his popular show on YouTube Fred making fans dislikes her for now, making Sasha to quit her singing career for good. As the world no longer loves Sasha and The Sasha Sisters, it's time for her, Becky and Emmetta to decide to live normal lives instead of their popular musical lives. And things get worse, Sasha is being rumored by the paparazzis that she is in a romantic relationship with Lucas, which they are significantly thinking that she is cheating on Nick, which she is not as the world calls her the "worst girlfriend ever". Meanwhile, Chris is trying to win Amy back, but she refused and is happily in love with Bradley.
Special Guess Star: Lucas Cruikshank as Himself/Fred Frigglehorn, Oprah Winfrey as Herself
Jason Dolley as Chris Taylor
Notes: This is an hour long episode.
9 97 "I'm Just Not That Into You" March 4, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
410 5.1
Sasha discovers that Rebecca has been putting on weight. But it turns out that she is pregnant, and has been keeping a secret for nine months. She realizes that she will drop out of school and college, and will never be together with her best friend. Throughout the episode, Rebecca orders Sasha to keep it a secret and not tell anyone. Meanwhile, Cassie and Zack both have an argument for saying that one of their favorite band members are better and the two broke up, and Amy and Bradley must get them both back together, or else she will lose them.
Absent: Josh Hutcherson as Nick David
10 98 "KYG: Kissing You Goodbye" March 11, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
411 5.8
After being accepted to college with Cassie, Chris arrives to see Amy, but she refuses to speak to him. Later, he accidentally kissed Amy after they broke up and was force to tell Bradley that it was an accident. She fears that he might broke up with her because he thinks that she has feelings for Chris. As Amy tries to tell Bradley, it gets worse that he was spotted unexpectingly flirting with a girl and she kissed him, hurting Amy's feelings, making Bradley feel guilty for himself. Now, they will have to tell each other the truth. At the end of the episode, Bradley revealed that he enjoyed being kissed by another girl and isn't ready to start dating. Depressed, Amy broke up with him and says she will never speak with him again. Meanwhile, Becky is revealing to her friends that she is pregnant with a first child.
Guess star: Jason Dolley as Chris Taylor
11 99 "What's After High School?" April 1, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
412 4.6
While they are 24 hours away from high school graduation, the Sasha Sisters are all preparing to get ready to head to New York for a concert. As they are graduating, they also talked about their memorable lives they have with their family friends. Towards the end of the episode, Rebecca goes to labor and gave birth to a baby girl.
Absent: Josh Hutcherson as Nick, Dakota Fanning as Cassie, Alyson Stoner as Amy, Dylan Patton as Zack, Justin Gaston as Bradley Johnson
Notes: Although they will not appear in the episode, but they appear in the flashback clips. This is the first time since season 3 that Zack, Cassie and Amy were absent in a episode. Chris (Jason Dolley) appears in the flashback scenes.
12 100 "The End" April 15, 2011 Duke Johnson Chris Turner
Alex Wilkerson
413-414 18.1
As graduation day arrives, a group of friends are tearing appart from each other. Sasha must choose to go on a world tour with her two best friends Rebecca and Crystal or go to college with Nick. While visiting college, she officially make her decision saying that she wants to go on a world tour, making Nick upset. Meanwhile, Zack and Amy are spending time with each other. The two became romantically involved and kissed each other by mistake as Cassie seen them kissing, and decides not to speak to them. As things got worse, Nick decides to broke up with Sasha and not see her again. Meanwhile, Chris arrives to see Amy. Not wanting to be back together, they ended up being friends until they romantically got involved and kissed each other. After Chris told Amy to be his girlfriend again, she accepts it. Zack heads to Cassie's house to apologies. When she does want to see him again, Zack furiously kissed her proving that he belongs to her and will always love her. Cassie later accepts it. They went to Amy as they, and Chris, all gave a hug and are going to college together. Meanwhile, Becky told Sasha that she could tell Nick to go on a world tour with them. Before they go out, Nick told Sasha that she should go to New York with out him as he choosen to go to college. The two seperated from each other. Later at college, someone was knocking on the door in Nick's dorm, it revealed to be Sasha, instead wanting to attend college with him. She revealed to Nick that Becky and Emmetta are also planning on attending college together.
Notes: This episode will series finale of Best Friends Forever, and will also be an hour long episode.
Guess star: Taylor Lautner as Andy Brown, Jason Dolley as Chris Taylor, Coutrney Jines as Jennifer Dawson, Taylor Horn as Maria Anderson
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