Melvin "Marben" Hilson (David Brown), is Brat's best friend. He is not as outgoing as Brat is, but he is also a bully and troublemaker just like Brat. He helped Brat to clear up his plans for ruining the student's lives. He sometimes would start letting to star prank a student, to get in trouble, when he is on his good behavior, tricking them. For the meantime, he and Brat has escape from the detention, and goes to be suspended from school, when sneaks the office unsuspendeding him from the school.

From the episodes, he enjoys picking on kids, including the popular kids, mostly, for a relationship, he dates with Amy, but in an episode, he kisses her after a fire drill, making Chris to start to broke up with her. Meanwhile, it was all of Cassie's joke. From the field trip, Marben was not attended a field trip to King's Island, or a Field Day, due to him having detention. He starts to escape and heads to his field trip. And also he provided escapes detention to start sneaking with Marben Hilson, escaping detention, hunting the school pretended, while the students were gone.

Brat says to Amy that she is pregnant, when he was to be a father with her, but she wasn't pregnant. Amy believes that he was right, and took a pregnancy test, when Brat switches to his sister's pregnancy (only 22 years old) that she throw away, switches to Amy's test, that Brat's sister is positive, letting to know that Amy's is actual pregnant, when her test was a false. She was afraid she would drop school. Meanwhile, Brat's sister starts find it is her's, when Amy find out she was not. And Brat and Maria were punished, both of them were suspended from school, but Maria returns to Oakwood, when Brat returns until the third day of school. From many episodes, he prank everyone when getting to trouble. Marben and Brat both did not graduated from high school, but the two eventually dropped out school.