Jennifer Mae Dawson (Courtney Jines) is a rival to Brooke during pre-school. During that year, she bullies Cassie putting worms in her lunch, trapping her into the girls bathroom and locking it, and putting a prank on her farting, causes her to get into trouble. And the worst thing is, Tristen, her boyfriend, is dating with Jennifer, and they broke up. Meanwhile, Jennifer has moved away from school and moved downtown. But in Season 9 in "Girl Next Door", Jennifer returns when transporting to High School, to see Cassie again. The worst thing happening, she'll be ruining her life again when she'll see Zack and date him. However, Amy is dealing with her and Cassie to became friends, when having a sleepover at her house, by didn't go to well, until they lot in common and became friends. Brooke and Jennifer were as good as they are, till Cassie seems to be ignoring Amy, thinking that she'll lose her, and Cassie said that she'll never lose her other best friend. Jennifer graduated from high school in the series finale.