Paige hurd

Crystal Michelle Jones (Paige Hurd) is born May 12, 1992, is other Sasha and Becky's best friend. She also attends with them in Oakwood City School, as well in North Pole Elementary. Emmetta also became friend with Smart Aleck, Amy Montana by regular in Season 8 while in High School. Emmetta has fluffy big hair, and is brief smart. In Season 3, Emmetta teaches Becky cheerleading, when providing wasn't the best cheerleader ever.

In Season 2, Emmetta dates with her new boyfriend, Troy, when Sasha and Beck being proud of her. Meanwhile, within Troy flirting with another girl, Becky and Sasha find out he is "cheating on her", and later kisses Sasha. Meanwhile, Emmetta feels upset, ended her friendship thinking they were lying with him, but later, Troy flirts with another girl and find out Sasha and Becky were right. She later in the following season, has became an employee of Becky's World.

Emmetta decides to join Sasha as a singer as a singing group, "The Sasha Sisters" alongside Becky. Emmetta graduates from high school in the series finale. Meanwhile, she and Becky decides to go to New York to start a world tour, which will take two months, but Sasha will have to decide if she will go with them but was choosen to go to college with Nick. At the end of the episode, Sasha choose to go to college with Nick and put her career on hold as Becky and Emmetta both do the same thing.